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At Scattering Ashes we believe a life should be celebrated and this is what we can help you do. Scattering Ashes offers you good simple advice and ideas about what to do with cremation ashes. As well as winning the Best Bereavement Resource 2015 for our website and guide book, we were recently nominated for the South Devon Business Excellence Awards, which for a small family business is no mean feat. We can help you transport ashes, travel abroad with them, let you know where you are allowed to scatter them or simply help you choose an urn that works for you and your family.

Want to fire the ashes from a WWII plane? Set them on fire in a Viking Longboat Urn? Fire them into the sky in a custom firework? The range of options is almost endless, if we can’t help you we’ll know a man who can! We can help you turn ashes into jewellery, put them in a keepsake urn or keep them in a garden memorial.

What you do with your loved one’s ashes it is up to you – we are here to help you understand the range of options available and make sure you feel confident in your decision.

cremation christmas sympathy gift

Christmas Sympathy Gifts

Christmas is a wonderful time, but for those who have lost someone close it can bring back many memories both happy and sad. Remembering that person is the important part, so we have put together a few ideas for that very special gift.

Christmas Sympathy Gifts

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I just wanted to say how pleased I am with my new charm that came today. It fits my bracelet perfectly and is purple where the first one that didn’t fit was more pinky. Thanks for re doing it for me
Kind regards

Our ship has come in and we are thrilled. We are already sleeping better knowing we have made positive plans for our final departure.

I can’t emphasize enough the importance of pre planning. We lost a son suddenly in 07 and would have been at the mercy of “the American way” with packages starting at $5,000. Thanks to a seminar on just that subject from our local Druid group that gave us the information and courage to stand up and give a 25 year old a fitting departure. One somewhat subdued memorial at the restaurant where he worked and then a howling party with several local rock bands and his own group playing with a man short. About a hundred of his friends and acquaintances danced till the bar closed. Their outpouring of love and good wishes was incredibly comforting and healing. Had I known about your longboat at that time we would have given him a final flaming send off.

As it is not too late, we will be purchasing a second boat and when the time comes, the family will mingle the ashes and connect the boats so the 3 of us will make final journey together. I can’t thank you enough for the peace of mind this gives me.

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Viking Longboat Urn
The urn arrived today and it looks exactly as we wanted. Thank you so much for all your help in getting it to me so quickly. It’s really appreciated.
bio water burial urn
The urn arrived today and it looks exactly as we wanted. Thank you so much for all your help in getting it to me so quickly. It’s really appreciated.
Many thanks
Roman water urn3 brown
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