We believe a life is to be celebrated and this is what we help you do. Scattering Ashes offers you good simple advice and ideas on what to do with cremation ashes. Whether you keep hold of the funeral ashes in a cremation urn or scatter them, it is up to you – we are here to let you know the huge range of options that are there for you to choose from and to help you feel confident in that choice.
In the UK most people opt to be cremated rather than buried, in fact over seventy percent of us. These days most of us bring the ashes home rather than leave them to be scattered at the crematoria.
Then what do you do? Scattering the ashes is one option, but what are the rules? Burying the ashes is another, but where is it allowed? Keeping some or all of the ashes is also an option, but in what? You may choose to spread or bury your funeral ashes in the countryside, the wildness or in your garden, within reason it is up to you. Scattering Ashes is here to help you look at all the options to decided what is best for you.
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I wanted to send a huge thank you for the excellent customer experience we received from you. I purchased a floating ball urn on behalf of my mum and she was extremely pleased with the product she received. It was something that was very important to her and the speed or service and quality of product meant a lot to me.

[Floating ball urn]

Just to let you know that everything went well on Friday. We had a nice little service and the inscribed tablet was put in place so we could see it. The urn you provided was beautiful and was perfect since one of my mother’s favourite colours was terracotta!
I know she is now at peace and is with my father.
Thank you
Kind Regards,

I have received the bead and it beautiful, my sister was very tearful when I gave it to her.

I work as a nurse and have recommended to you to one of my colleagues who also unfortunately lost her parents, I believe she and her sister have also ordered.

Sorry it has taken a while to reply. thank you again for a beautiful keepsake.

[Pandora Bead]

Thank you I got the vases, heart and paperweight.  The vase and heart are beautiful.  If anything I would’ve preferred the vase to be slightly bigger, but I knew the size when I ordered.
Thank you so much for the phone calls and emails.  It feels like you really care about this, and it is such an emotive thing to make a decision to have something made from ashes.  Thank you again.
with kind regards