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Last orders please

Every year I am shocked by just how fast Christmas approaches, I have no sooner put away my flip-flops when I’m asked where we’re going to spend Christmas Day, last year my mum surpassed herself by asking me the Thursday before the August Bank Holiday! It’s nice to feel wanted and Christmas is such an important time of the […]

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Making a Will

There was yet another thought provoking article article in the family section of the Guardian yesterday, a woman who has no children talks through the process of making a will.  We all find this process difficult, staring your demise in the face and making confident decisions about what will happen to your children, your partner […]

richmond virginia burial or cremation

One Virginians preference for cremation

In the early days of the blog I did quite a few ‘personal perspectives’ and I am not sure why I haven’t posted any for a while. This lady’s ponderings interested me, not only is it thoughtful, but it has a clear insight into the american way of thinking and highlights for me the debate in the […]

The sign and accompanying bench were installed in Oakville's Bronte Creek Provincial Park. The new sign makes things clear, guides and explains certain rules how to scatter cremated ashes in the park or river.

A Sign of the times?

The Ministry for Natural Resource in Ontario, Canada has taken a progressive step about the scattering of ashes in its jurisdiction. It has been legal to scatter ashes on provincial crown land since 2009, but the public have been requesting greater clarity and the ministry in response to these requests has erected a sign for guidance […]

exhumation pensioner Norfolk church yard

Pensioner failed to get exhumation order on the grounds of access

A pensioner from Norfolk has failed in her attempt to get the ashes of her mother exhumed. She had partitioned the Church of England’s Consistory Court but to no avail. Mrs Queenie Ivy Gooch wanted the ashes of her mother moved from the Churchyard in Gunton to the nearby Kirkley Cemtery so that she could […]

ashes contaminted

Forensic science and the case of the dubious ashes

I think most of may raise questions if we received a love remains back and we got a solid grey lump back like the one in the picture. This is what happened to family of a man in the US, what is more it was a kilogram heavier than was expected. Dubious indeed! The funeral […]

ashes gold dental

The value of gruesome gold

The value of gruesome gold.. Question: What happens to the gold teeth when a body is cremated? This was the question sent to the Citizen Times and here is the their answer My answer: In this case, it seems, you can take it with you, mainly because, well, ewwww.  Real answer: I’m not going to lie. […]

Sandcast Memorial Glass - a lasting tribute when you don't have the ashes

Sandcast Memorial Glass: Meet your Maker series

We are extremely proud to be working with Jenny as she is a local rising star who is helping us to provide lasting tributes for those who have no ashes to scatter.  We often gets calls from people who want to do something with their loved one’s ashes but for some reason either don’t have access […]

cremation ashes compensation

What is the price of ashes?

The Mortonhall scandal in Edinburgh was dreadful, the practice where the crematoria did not return or offer to return stillborn or new-born babies ashes to the parents after cremation, with the reason that there was nothing to return, when in many instances this was untrue and very wrong. The subsequent mea culpa from the municipal […]

choices for cremation

US Agony Aunt’s readers give reasons for choosing cremation

In the US cremation is on the rise, so a popular US agony aunt asked why. Whilst cost is often sighted and one case there was not enough space for a burial in the cemetery of choice.  There was two other reasons which I was not expecting.  One revolves around the versatility of cremated remains in memorialising, […]

scotish forestry ash policy

Forestry Commission Scotland policy on scattering ashes

Good news, Forestry Commission Scotland has a more progressive and enlightened view of dealing with those who wish to scatter the ashes of a loved one compared to their neighbours south of the border. Scotland’s National Forest Estate covers nearly 9% of Scotland and comprises forests, woodland and open ground.  And in their words ‘It’s […]