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BBC Open Source

BBC Open Source

BBC Open Source The BBC have a brilliant radio programme called Open Source, they transmit it live from their news rooms – there are several – and feature news as it’s happening live from all over the world. On Thursday 14th July, alongside all the Teresa May appointment furore, there was a piece from Japan about sending ashes into […]

memorialisation nottingham

A problem with personal memorialisation in Nottingham Crematoria’s communal woodland

The needs of the individual will often come into conflict with the needs many, and here is a case in point. Ms Kara Thrall scattered the ashes of her mother and grandmother in the same spot in Nottingham’s Wilford Hill Crematorium in the communal woodland. On the 3rd anniversary of her death Ms Thrall visited […]

boston scattering ashes

Sports fan deifies ban to scatter on third base

Sports fans can have an extremely strong bond with their club and judging by the amount of requests and queries we get, they can often wish to have their ashes scattered at the hallow turf. This story from the US is interesting as not only does it concern someone breaking the rules, but their keenness […]

Dying Matters

Cost and Meaning: Dying Matters – Dying Matters Week May 2016

Dying Matters I was speaking to funeral director the other day. I was discussing with him changes in attitudes today’s funerals. He was bemoaning by the ring round society: “I have got Wiggins and Son on the other line and they can do a bunch of flowers for fifty quid less than you, can you […]

photographing a scattering cereomny

Should I take photos at a scattering ashes ceremony?

The rise and rise of capturing every moment of our lives appears un-reversible, from the moment a new baby comes into the world they are captured in almost every aspect of their life. However there still appears to be certain taboos: funerals are an obvious example. As someone recently expressed to me: why would anyone […]

Bio-cremation: err it isn’t actually cremation

I am not a pedant, trust me. If you ask friends and significant other that would not make the list. Geek, yes sometimes, I’ll take that, but pedant, no. There have been a number of articles recently about ‘bio-cremation’ a process by which the body is accelerated through stages of decomposition reducing it to a […]

ashes on delta airlines

Carrying ashes on a Delta Air Lines flight

Carrying ashes on a Delta Air Lines flight. Travelling with ashes can be tricky, it is best to get thing right from the start, so that your journey is as stress free as possible.  So if you intending to take cremation ashes on a Delta Air Lines flight, this is what they say: Cremated remains can be accepted […]

carrying ashes on a lufthansa

Carrying ashes on a Lufthansa flight

Carrying ashes on a Lufthansa flight Travelling with ashes can be tricky it is best to get thing right from the start, so that you experience the minimum disruption.  So if you intending to take cremation ashes on a Lufthansa flight, this is what they say: In regards to your enquiry, passengers are allowed to carry the cremated remains […]

what to does with ashes

What to do with ashes?

One of the most frequently asked questions is – what to do with ashes? You can choose to: Keep them Bury them Scatter them If you want to keep them, then consider Do you want to keep all or some of them If all then you will need to think whether you want them in […]

coffin cremated

Do they burn the coffin when you get cremated

Do they burn the coffin when you get cremated? The question, do coffins get cremated with the body is a frequently asked. To those in the funeral industry this often met with a surprised or bemused look, the answer is: yes, of course. However the fact the question is asked on such a frequent basis […]

creamtion ashes family not present

The case of the Cremation without the family knowing

This is the sad case of Mr Fitzpatrick who passed way in August. He had suffered depression for some time and it is believed he committed suicide. At the time he was living on his own, his children had left home and he was estranged from his partner, with whom we was still on good […]

scattering ashes methods

How to scatter ashes: 5 different ways

Here is how to scatter ashes? Here are 5 ways to make your ceremony even more memorable Casting: is the act of throwing the cremation ashes to the wind or usually just called scattering. There are a number of thing you should consider. they are more ashes than you realise they can cover quite an […]

MoJ exhumation ashes

The Ministry of Justice response to our question on exhumation of ashes

This was our enquiry: Hello Since the recent interest in exhumation articles in various national papers, I am trying to clarify a couple of things The MoJ gets around 25 applications per week for exhumation what is the percentage spilt (roughly) between whole body / standard burial and burial of cremated remains? As I understand […]

cremation ashes grass

Will scattering ashes on my lawn harm the grass?

Yes is can in the short term, cremation ashes contain calcium and calcium phosphate these chemicals acts like salt and draws the water out of the tissue of the plant leaf. This will happen if not thinly spread, it acts like a fertiliser also impacting the nutrient balance within the soil. The less the ashes […]

keeping ashes at home

10 Ways of Keeping Ashes at Home

Keeping ashes at home The crematorium have rung your funeral director to say your loved one’s ashes are ready for collection. The funeral home pop a lovely letter in the post letting you know that they have the ashes and will keep them until you are ready to collect them. What do you do? Your […]

scattering ceremony

A ceremony in the Sirhowy Valley

It is not often a family scattering ceremony is reported unless there is some mishap or there is a celebrity involved. This story appeared in the South Wales Argus, a family from Gwent scatter the ashes of their relative on Sirhowy River in near Blackwood. Apparently, they were the first to be granted permission by […]

award winner best bereavement resource

#National Poetry Day – internment psalms

To celebrate National Poetry Day we are are posting some of our favourite ones for using at an ashes internment or scattering. Christian Text for when ashes are interned or scattered Psalm 121 I lift up my eyes to the hills – where does my help come from? My help comes from the Lord, the […]

award winner best bereavement resource

#NationalPoetryDay – A Poem for a Sea Lover

Richard came across this poem when writing a blog post about the explorer Frank Wild and was stunned by just how beautiful it was. If you are wondering about the words to say when scattering the ashes of an old sailor or seaman, or anyone really who loved the sea – you could do a lot […]