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The sign and accompanying bench were installed in Oakville's Bronte Creek Provincial Park. The new sign makes things clear, guides and explains certain rules how to scatter cremated ashes in the park or river.

A Sign of the times?

The Ministry for Natural Resource in Ontario, Canada has taken a progressive step about the scattering of ashes in its jurisdiction. It has been legal to scatter ashes on provincial crown land since 2009, but the public have been requesting greater clarity and the ministry in response to these requests has erected a sign for guidance […]

ashes buried with which family

Choose to inter ashes at a family grave, but whose family?

Cremation is the common choice in the UK and becoming so in Canada and the US, therefore you can fit more ash caskets onto a family plot. But whose family? I came across an interesting think piece by Ken Gallinger in the Toronto Star about where you choose to inter your ashes. Ken’s mum is […]

cremation rates in british columbia

Is the choice of cremation mainly a matter of economics and location?

It is being reported the town of Cowichan, near Vancouver in British Columbia Canada, is planning to have a columbarium built to house the ashes of if its residents. Mayor Forrest said “In discussions last year, we had a public meeting and people were saying, ‘You can live your whole life in this community but […]

baseball AstroTurf scattering ashes

Ashes scattered over AstroTurf: Blue Jays fan memorialised

The Rogers Stadium in Toronto, home to the baseball tem the Blue Jays, was the target of an ill-fated ash scattering. During a game between the Blue Jays and Detroit Tigers a fan entered the entire contents of an entire urn near the Jay’s dugout. The grounds people not being sure what it was called […]

ashes alberta

The Law concerning Cremation and scattering ashes in Alberta Canada

The law in Alberta in Canada is quite relaxed and sensible, the one nice aspect is that expressly says you can use a homemade casket as long as it’s rigid and has handles. CREMATION Before a body can be cremated, a Medical Examiner must examine the Medical Certificate of Death signed by the attending physician. The appropriate […]

dna ashes mix up

Lazy or accidently misleading: Ashes from DNA

The Daily Mail ran a story on it’s website entitled DNA test on some cremated remains after woman found wrong body in her mother’s casket. I thought blimey that’s interesting I was told the heat from the crematoria destroyed all the DNA. So I clicked with interest. Only to discover that is not what has happen […]

cremains and cremation ashes manitobaba

Province of Manitoba: Guidance on scattering ashes

The beautiful Canadian prairie province of Manitoba has set out the policy / legal clarification for those wishing to scatter ashes of a loved one. Manitoba covers a vast area (please remember I am English so 50miles/ 80km seems a fair distance) it stretches from the US border to the south west corner of Hudson bay with […]

Repatriation Abroad Ashes Cremated Remains Sending

Repatriation of ashes or sending ashes abroad

  Sending ashes abroad or repatriating them can be a difficult problem, few couriers are willing to handle them, mainly due to the fact that they are beyond value to a loved one – so how could you put a price on that? The second issue is the paperwork – every country seems to have […]

scattering ashes in canada

Ontario Canada: the law on scattering cremation ashes

Good news, you are allowed to scatter ashes on Crown land in the Ontario area that is unoccupied – including those covered by water. Even better you don’t need a permit. Crown land includes provincial parks and conservation reserves, and the Great Lakes. The Authorities ask that you carry out any ceremony an environmentally sensitive […]

cremation urns not collected

Unclaimed cremation ashes in Merritt Canada

  I have posted a few times on the issue of unclaimed ashes and how they line the shelves of funeral directors, with some cremation urns dating back decades. This is story from Merritt in Canada, a funeral director was selling up his business and the new recipients wanted a clean slate. So what should […]