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cremation regaulations

The legal definition of cremation ashes

Finally we have a legal definition of Cremation ashes in the England and Wales, and whilst it seems surprising that nothing had been set down before, it is good that we have one now, which is set out in the new Cremation (England and Wales) (Amendment) Regulations 2016. ““ashes” means all the material left in […]

cremation ashes catholic church

Vatican’s update stance regarding the burial of the deceased and the conservation of the ashes in the case of cremation for Roman Catholics

The Vatican has issued an Instruction to the faithful regarding the scattering of ashes. Whilst setting out of their position in many ways makes sense and it is clearly referenced, we will attempt to summarise and translate and convey the message in a slightly more condensed and accessible form. This is our interpretation and I […]

ashes dispute

He who pays the piper – gets the ashes

This is an extreme example of a fairly common problem. A young mother of 24 has been left heartbroken. As she is not able to receive the ashes of her child. She lost her child to cot death at 9 weeks, her controlling and abusive ex-partner who has since been sent to prison nine on charges of […]

nps scattering ashes 1

Scattering Ashes in the USA National Parks

I can see why many Americans would opt to have their ashes scattered in one of the National Parks: the size and grandeur are breathing, the sense of scale, space and wilderness are awe-inspiring The good news is you can – the Park Service routinely grants permission for scattering of ashes. The same is true […]

coffin cremated

Do they burn the coffin when you get cremated

Do they burn the coffin when you get cremated? The question, do coffins get cremated with the body is a frequently asked. To those in the funeral industry this often met with a surprised or bemused look, the answer is: yes, of course. However the fact the question is asked on such a frequent basis […]

MoJ exhumation ashes

The Ministry of Justice response to our question on exhumation of ashes

This was our enquiry: Hello Since the recent interest in exhumation articles in various national papers, I am trying to clarify a couple of things The MoJ gets around 25 applications per week for exhumation what is the percentage spilt (roughly) between whole body / standard burial and burial of cremated remains? As I understand […]

cremation remains dispute

King Arthur wants cremated remains reburied at Stonehenge

Apparently the legendary king of England has been reincarnated, what’s more Arthur Pendragon is on the war path once more. He and bands of druids are not happy the cremated remains dug up and removed from Stonehenge are not being treated with due respect and they want them returned to the earth where they belong. […]

coe exhumation

Exhumation is getting the Church hot under the (dog) collar

It seems the national paper picked up on the case of Mrs Gooch, who wanted her mums cremated remains moved as she could not access the grave as she was wheelchair bound. The church refused as it was not exceptional circumstances. The Sunday Express, the Guardian and the Telegraph all picked up on this growing […]

The sign and accompanying bench were installed in Oakville's Bronte Creek Provincial Park. The new sign makes things clear, guides and explains certain rules how to scatter cremated ashes in the park or river.

A Sign of the times?

The Ministry for Natural Resource in Ontario, Canada has taken a progressive step about the scattering of ashes in its jurisdiction. It has been legal to scatter ashes on provincial crown land since 2009, but the public have been requesting greater clarity and the ministry in response to these requests has erected a sign for guidance […]

exhumation pensioner Norfolk church yard

Pensioner failed to get exhumation order on the grounds of access

A pensioner from Norfolk has failed in her attempt to get the ashes of her mother exhumed. She had partitioned the Church of England’s Consistory Court but to no avail. Mrs Queenie Ivy Gooch wanted the ashes of her mother moved from the Churchyard in Gunton to the nearby Kirkley Cemtery so that she could […]

ashes contaminted

Forensic science and the case of the dubious ashes

I think most of may raise questions if we received a love remains back and we got a solid grey lump back like the one in the picture. This is what happened to family of a man in the US, what is more it was a kilogram heavier than was expected. Dubious indeed! The funeral […]

ashes cremation areminaia

Armenians are considering cremation, what don’t they like? Columbarium

Armenian parliament speaker Galust Sahakyan has been arguing in favour of amending the law to allow for cremation say it was part of a new Armenia. However we also pointed out that ‘no one is going to take steps opposed to Armenians ‘national traditions and interests.” Work needed to be done in relation to the […]

dispute over cremation

How bad can it get: hiding a son’s cremation from an estranged spouse?

It never fails to surprise or sadden me the length some people will go get one over on an ex-partner. A trial is taking place in Stoke upon Trent of a woman who is accused of twice falsifying paperwork to prevent the son’s father from attending his funeral. The deceased passed away at the age […]

columbarium usa

More columbarium controversy

What started as a spat between a church and local businesses on the construction of a columbarium has gone wider and now the State of Wisconsin have issued an opinion that concurred with the attorney general in Cedarburg – columbaria are the same as mausoleum. Which has come as a bit of a surprise to […]

crematoria perth dispute

Digging a road through a scattering site – an infringement of human rights?

There is a plan to put a road through a section of crematoria land in Perth Scotland and the local residents aren’t happy. Perth council plan to ease congestion in that part of the city involves shaving a strip of land off of the crematoria grounds, which is not the actual garden of remembrance although […]

cremation ashes compensation

What is the price of ashes?

The Mortonhall scandal in Edinburgh was dreadful, the practice where the crematoria did not return or offer to return stillborn or new-born babies ashes to the parents after cremation, with the reason that there was nothing to return, when in many instances this was untrue and very wrong. The subsequent mea culpa from the municipal […]

dispute over ashes

Who gets the ashes: funeral directors caught in the crossfire

The law is not the most dynamic of tools and the law regarding cremation is not at the top of the legislators agenda. It is not set up to find the ‘right home’ for the ashes, it looks at it from the point of view of correct and efficient disposal. However there are two well […]

mausoleum columbarium dispute

Is a columbarium a mausoleum? A hot debate in Wisconsin

The attorney general of Cedarburg city, Michael Herbrand thinks so, but the reverend of the local Advent Lutheran Church disagrees. So why is this such a big deal? Well the Church had deigned a columbarium for their downtown (city centre) church which was to be the resting place for a number of its congregation; they […]

germen ashes scattering law

Bremen is the first state in Germany to allow the scattering of ashes

  Bremen, the smallest state in Germany, has voted to allow the scattering of ashes. To be honest I knew the name, but I was not aware where it was – and it is small, really small in fact it is two cities that are separated by the larger state of Lower Saxony. You might […]

scattering in the Norwegian mountains

Cremation in Norway – not what you would think

A Nordic send-off conjures up images of iconic viking pyres, right? Wrong,  turns out they are not big fans of cremation There is something of odd here, the percentage of Danes and Swedes opting for cremation is circa 70%+, nothing surprising there comparable with many secular progressive democracies, but Norway figures range from 36% (Wikipedia) […]