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Stunning image of Bowermans Nose granite rock formation near Hayne Down on Dartmoor at sunset

Scattering Ashes is the nation’s favourite choice!

Fact: 79% of those wishing to be cremated want their ashes scattered. Which means about 2/3rds of us in total (80% of people are cremated). The result of a recent YouGov survey confirmed what we have believed for years, if you want to be cremated then most of you want your ashes to be scattered. The […]

ashes into fireworks

Ashes into Fireworks: Self-fire or an organised display?

Ashes into fireworks Are you considering going out with a bang?  Putting cremation ashes into fireworks – what are the things you need to think about… There are two main options for you: Having your ashes in a firework display or having the ashes placed in a rocket or a self-firing fireworks box. There are advantages […]

natural burial site

Natural ashes burial site: Usk Castle Chase Monmouthshire:

Looking for natural ashes burial? We have teamed up with a recommended natural (green) burial company that offers this service. The site of Usk Castle Chase offers tranquility within the glorious Monmouthshire countryside. Unhurried, peaceful and private it offers something gentler. A place of escape away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Set […]

green ashes burial site

Natural burial site for ashes: Cardiff & The Vale – South Wales

Looking for a natural/ green burial site for the interment of ashes? We have teamed up with a recommended natural (green) burial company that offers this service. Situated on the western edge of Cardiff at the top of the Tumble above Culverhouse Cross. The site blends perfectly into the  surrounding landscape of the Vale of Glamorgan […]

scattering ceremony

A ceremony in the Sirhowy Valley

It is not often a family scattering ceremony is reported unless there is some mishap or there is a celebrity involved. This story appeared in the South Wales Argus, a family from Gwent scatter the ashes of their relative on Sirhowy River in near Blackwood. Apparently, they were the first to be granted permission by […]

serviced columbarium

Columbarium – coming to a Parish Church near you!

Modern takes on the concept of Columbaria are springing up in a number of places from the Long Barrow in All Canning in Wiltshire to the Secure Haven (one rented by the day) in Essex. However these are away from traditional places of worship and there a members of society who feel a very deep connection with their parish […]

scatter tubes on water

Don’t put Scatter Tubes in the water!

Scatter tubes are not designed to be placed in the water. They are made of a thick dense card, which also has an semi impervious layer of ink, the result is they are likely to float and will not sink for some considerable time: meaning that you loved ones ashes may end up on shore or […]

dispute over ashes

Who gets the ashes: funeral directors caught in the crossfire

The law is not the most dynamic of tools and the law regarding cremation is not at the top of the legislators agenda. It is not set up to find the ‘right home’ for the ashes, it looks at it from the point of view of correct and efficient disposal. However there are two well […]

metal ashes cremation reclaim

Money raised for charities from metal reclaimed from a crematoria to top £2m

Now this is good news. The money raised for charities from the recycled metals the arise from cremation is set to reach £2m.     When a body is cremated the non-combustible parts are left behind: the bones (the ashes) and any metal which arises. This metal was historically just the ironwork used to make […]

Rhonda valley ashes scattering site

Site in the Welsh Valleys used for scattering ashes has been vandalised

The well-known White Cross of Trealaw has been vandalised. The cross in the heart of the Rhondda valleys has been partially dismantled by a group of mystery climbers. The cross was built by Glyn Thomas, of Trealaw, in 2005 as a final resting place for those who wanted their ashes scattered on the mountainside. For […]

Professional Photographer needs your help on scattering stories – ‘HERE I AM’

Can you help me? I am looking for stories of why and where ashes have been scattered. ‘Here I am’ is a photographic project I started a couple of years ago based around the themes of memory and loss. I had been working with the NHS on an End of Life project, which entailed talking […]

local authority crematoria garden

A lady digs up her rose bush from the garden of remembrance

 (c) Conwy Daily Post The garden of remembrance at a crematoria was once a popular choice to place the ashes of a loved one whilst it is becoming less so, there are still many who use the facility it would appear mainly for practical and connection reasons. The usually gardens are first rate, however a […]

scattering trebuchet

Medieval fashion – ashes launched from a Trebuchet or Catapult

  Flung from a mighty medieval war engine, sailing into the sky then boom! The ashes scattered across the the target – what a way to go! Well okay perhaps not everyone’s cup of tea, but I would wager there are plenty people out there who would like it! Okay mainly your armour clad battle […]

rspb cremated ashes

RSPBs policy on scattering ashes at their nature reserves

If you are a bird lover then it it is good news we have asked  The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) whether you are allowed to scatter cremation ashes at their natures reserves and it is good news, they even have an ‘In-Memoriam’ Co-ordinator who was very kind and provided the following […]

crematoria getting rid of unwanted ashes

The Statutory Duty of English and Welsh Cremation Authorities in relation to the Disposal of Ashes

This is a direct lift from the appropriate legislation including instrument number and revoked legislation, it is actually quite clear: (c) HM Government The Cremation (England and Wales) Regulations 2008 SI No. 2841 Came into force  – 1st January 2009 PART 6 Disposal of ashes 30.—(1) Subject to paragraph (2), after a cremation the cremation authority must give […]

cremation packaging

How should Cremation Authorities pack and dispatch ashes after cremation

What should Crematoria do and what should you expect? The following is based on a Best practise briefing produced by the Federation of Burial and Cremation Authorities (UK), I have provided a link at the bottom to the actual guidance. In essence their primary responsibility is to ensure you receive the ashes safely and in […]

Repatriation Abroad Ashes Cremated Remains Sending

Repatriation of ashes or sending ashes abroad

  Sending ashes abroad or repatriating them can be a difficult problem, few couriers are willing to handle them, mainly due to the fact that they are beyond value to a loved one – so how could you put a price on that? The second issue is the paperwork – every country seems to have […]

Boats on a Map

These are the locations of boats available for hire in UK for scattering ashes. Have a look for a suitable location on our interactive Google Map.

price cremation

Dr William Price the father of modern British cremation?

  The Physician, Welsh nationalist and Neo-Druid Dr William Price (1800 –1893) could and perhaps should be considered to be the father of modern British cremation. Dr Price was certainly unusual, even by the standards of the day and on the eccentric-meter firmly in the red zone. However what is even more interesting is his […]