dildo ashes memory box

Ashes contained inside a marital aid

I kid you not. Now where might a product such as this be produced, come on guess…. The Netherlands, which accordingly to the straweyist of strawey type polls I conducted was the bookies favourite.

I love the Dutch. Not just because of their determination to bring all things back to sex, but unflinching way they do it. Honest, matter-of-fact and a prehaps little in your face. Going places that most British and  American sensibilities would dare to tread.

This is not, as some corners of the web have reported it in titillating naff shock tactic, the Dutch designer Mark Sturkenboom has clearly put a lot of thought into this sensual reliquary. Deigned so that a female significant other of the deceased has full range of memorabilia – his scent, the moment he proposed, his favourite music. And yes it has a dildo that is designed to contain a small amount of ashes.

The memory box called 21 Grams is made from hand-sanded wood, painted a pale grey and then locked with a brass key.

When it is unlocked, the box unfolds to contain a small ring holder for a widow’s wedding ring (I thought most people carried on wearing ring – don’t they?), which can be popped open to relive the moment of proposal, a built-in perfume diffuser and a built-in amplifier allows you to use the memory box as an iPhone dock.

The name 21 Grams is interesting, it refers to a piece of research that assessed the weight of someone’s soul, which left the body upon dying (I am not making this up  – 20th century physician Dr. Duncan MacDougall). The dildo holds the capacity for 21 grams of ashes.

Sturkenboom says he was inspired to design his memory box after noticing the disconnect between the devoted, loving way an elderly widow of his acquaintance spoke about her dead husband, and the naff urn that stood on the sideboard

“In that same period I read an article about widows, taboos, and sex and intimacy,” Sturkenboom told Dezeen. “Then I thought to myself: ‘Can I combine these themes and make an object that is about love and missing and intimacy?'”

What do I think: well I think it will be a fairly niche market. Sorry! I am British, there has to be innuendo somewhere in a story like this and if you have read this far hopefully you are not offended! ashes inside a dildo

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