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On my way to the Blue Ridge Mountains

The crematorium run by Cremation Services Inc. of Winston-Salem has had its license suspended by North Carolina Board of Funeral Services. Why? Well one of its employees had 93 unclaimed sets of ashes stored in his home in North Carolina. A neighbour noticed bone fragment and ashes near to the man’s dustbin and reported it […]


Celebrant: Carol Burgess, Dorest

Name: Carol Burgess Area covered: Dorset The celebrant:  Accredited Civil Funeral Celebrant and Member of the Institute of Civil Funerals As a professionally trained Funeral Celebrant, I will help to create a truly personal ceremony that is exactly as the family wish it to be. Not everyone wants the same type of funeral and I will meet with […]

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Ashes in Fireworks – a happy customer

This Celebration of Life fireworks display was for the late Diane Finlay and was organised by her sons and daughter. The display took place in October, in a place that Diane had always loved in the Northamptonshire countryside. A small group of family and friends gathered at around 7pm. After a short speech and toast […]

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Celebrant: Sarah Chapman, South Devon

Name: Sarah Chapman Base: Newton Abbot Area covered: South Devon The celebrant: I have a national qualification Level 3 Diploma in Funeral Celebrancy (QCF) and I am a Member of the Institute of Civil Funerals (M.I.C.F.) As a Celebrant I will help you create and then conduct your unique and individual Funeral and Scattering of Ashes Ceremony where ever and […]

Coronation Street beach scattering

Coronation Street: Sad plot line ends in beach scattering of a premature baby’s ashes

I think it is good when Soap Operas tackle really difficult and emotional challenging issues, although I do sometime wonder whether it is entirely to pull at heartstrings. However that is by-the-by, Monday night’s episode (20/2/17) of Coronation Street saw Michelle Connor and Steve MacDonald say goodbye to their baby Ruairi. In the story the couple suffered the […]

danger scattering ashes

Scattering Ashes – please do it safely!

When choosing to scatter ashes people are often drawn to the most dramatic or significant piece of the landscape: the a promontory, a mountain peak or a cliff edge. These places are often fraught with danger and in an emotionally heightened state this is risk can be increased. Last month it would appear that two […]

Do they cremate multiple bodies at once?

Do they cremate multiple bodies at once?

Do they cremate multiple bodies at once?  No they don’t. In the UK the Code insists that each cremation is carried out separately. Furthermore the aperture (opening/door) of cremator in which the coffins are place is only big enough to accept one coffin. There are certain exceptions, specifically in certain where the cases of mother […]

Caring for Cremation Jewellery

Caring for Cremation Jewellery

Caring for Cremation Jewellery Gold and Silver Cremation Jewellery It happens to all jewellery and no one likes to talk about it.  Yes, tarnish.  Tarnish effects precious metals such as sterling silver and gold.  Over time, all sterling silver and real gold will tarnish, regardless of where it came from.  This doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with your […]