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stories, news items experience or anything related to scattering ashes that are a bit different, odd or out of the ordinary

washington ashes thief drag

Cross-dressing thief steals ashes

I often wonder whether the world is becoming stranger or that weird things always happened but now communication is much better so we see more of them. In this case we have a fairly well reported occurrence: the theft of ashes. Readers unacquainted with the blog may not know this is common, but it  is, well sort […]

art urn cremation

Cremation ashes and art – a step too far?

 Ashes of deceased mental patients are subject of new photography exhibit. The artist David Maisel has an exhibition photographs of something a little challenging. A few years back he came across thousands of decaying urns / canisters in a psychiatric hospital in Oregon that had been forgotten. They contained the unclaimed cremated remains of former […]

art form ashes

Cremation Ashes as an art form

Cremated ashes evoke strong feelings and the art world loves playing with just those feelings. Watch this, and maybe like me you will end up scratching your head and frowning, not that it’s is bad or for that matter good, it is certainly different and challenging. I guess I couldn’t make up my mind whether […]

ashes into a record

Ashes into Vinyl Record

  This one is has to be a boundary shot. Truly different. I see the the sentiment and and appreciate the two fingered salute,  however I have to say I think this is a landmark! Yep it’s true a British company the will press your ashes into a record- you can record your last will […]

memorial tattoos

Memorial Tattoos again…

What is going on? first in the Daily Mail then one of our most respected academics on the subject Dr. John Troyer, Deputy Director, Centre for Death and Society, University of Bath  goes over to New York to give a lecture on the the Ashes and memorial tattoos. Don’t get me wrong I am not […]

Mum has tattoo with ashes from dead son in tribute to him

Cremated ashes in a Memorial Tattoo!

This is a radical way of memorialising a loved one – putting cremated funeral ashes into ink, then having them tattooed somewhere on your person. The more we looked into this the more ‘common’ it actual is. Despite the obvious heath implications it seems to be fairly popular in the United States. The article below […]