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Lincolnshire scattering ahes

Scattering mum at Gibraltar point

  This is a lovely piece about a daughter, her siblings and offspring returning their mum to the area where she grew up, at Gibraltar Point in Lincolnshire in the UK to scatter the ashes. From the BBC magazine online:  ‘Who said scattering ashes was easy?‘ http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/magazine/6542207.stm The lady’s emotions are those shared by many, rather than cut […]

creamtion ashes cause mall shutdown

A man causes panic and a Mall shutdown after scattering his fiancée’s ashes

A shopping mall in Sarasota, which is on the west coast of Florida in the USA, went into shutdown after a man was observed scattering an unknown substance on the floor of LensCrafters opticians in the Southgate Mall. Thomas Morin inadvertently triggered a full scale alert when carrying out the last wishes of his recently […]

cremains ashes skydive

Skydiving ashes video

What a way to go, this is celebrating a life in style! We offer a service to release cremation ashes during a a skydive. Whilst this is not one organised by us us I thought you may find it interesting – I thought it was great, particular the sound track a sort of Spanish version of ‘Somewhere over the Rainbow’  – […]