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danger scattering ashes

Scattering Ashes – please do it safely!

When choosing to scatter ashes people are often drawn to the most dramatic or significant piece of the landscape: the a promontory, a mountain peak or a cliff edge. These places are often fraught with danger and in an emotionally heightened state this is risk can be increased. Last month it would appear that two […]

dispute witness fee ashes

Secret scattering to avoid the witness fee

Officials at Dudley Council in the Midlands have revealed that there has been a rise in families going into the memorial gardens at Gornal Wood and Stourbridge Crematoriums and scattering the ashes of their loved one’s without permission. There are questions being raised as to why this is happening: well cost is being cited as […]

good funeral awards 2016

Winner of the Crematoria of the Year 2016

Scattering Ashes was the proud sponsor of the Crematoria of the Year at the Good Funeral Awards 2016, we are keen to encourage improve the customer experience of this sector, and recognise this often chastised part of the industry. There were six crematoria who made the long-list at the 2016 Good Funeral Awards. Thornhill Crematorium, […]

Devon Life

Devon Life

Devon Life piece We’d love you all to rush out now & buy a copy of this month’s (July) Devon Life, not only does it have loads of really great ideas about things to do in Devon but it has a rather lovely article all about us in it!!! We’ve been featured in the Made in […]

Princes ashes

Prince’s Ashes

Prince’s Ashes The musical icon Prince passed away late last month, he was found collapsed in a lift at his home. Those in the know consider there is no reason why he should have taken his own life and the most likely explanation is an accidental overdose of painkillers he was using for a back […]

david bowie ashes scattered bali

David Bowie’s ashes to be scattered in Bali

David Bowie’s Ashes David Bowie a trendsetter of the first order did away with a traditional funeral opting instead for a direct cremation (one where no one is present) and requested that his ashes be scattered on the Indonesian island of Bali “in accordance with the Buddhist rituals”. Bowie had since his teens flirted with […]

burial of ashes

Is it grave robbing or grounds maintenance?

Darren Bibb is angry with Solihull Council: accusing them of grave robbing!  Mr Bibb’s disabled son passed away just after his 18th birthday in 2011, and the family decided to place a stone memorial over where his ashes are buried on the grass and adjacent to the headstone. But the council has removed the memorial stone. […]