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Do they burn the coffin when you get cremated

Do they burn the coffin when you get cremated?

The question, do coffins get cremated with the body is a frequently asked. To those in the funeral industry this often met with a surprised or bemused look, the answer is: yes, of course.

However the fact the question is asked on such a frequent basis mean that this is not universally known or understood. But why should it be? Most people prefer not to dwell on such issues, why would they?

Apparently there are certain companies in North America that will rent out one of those grand caskets, like the ones you see in the Soprano’s (these are not very common in the UK) and then after the funeral the body is transferred to a more simple coffin for the cremation.

In the UK once the coffin is sealed, that is it. The coffin, the body and anything the person is wearing (including jewellery) will be cremated.

The heat and duration of the process means that the only thing that are left are those that do not combust (burn) – bones and the metal parts e.g. metal nails from the coffin and false hips etc.

The metal parts are removed and in many British crematoria these are now recovered with the proceeds going to good causes. The remainder of the cremated remains, which is the bone matter, is reduced to a granular powder known as ashes. This is what you will receive back from the crematoria or funeral director.

Our advice. Remove jewellery from the deceased, even items such as wedding rings. Whilst you may think that they never took of in life and it should stay with them through the process, it is perhaps better that it is passed on, placed in a memory box or incorporated into another piece of jewellery. Important jewellery is link to a person life and should stay that way.

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8 Responses to “Do they burn the coffin when you get cremated”

  1. I purchased a beautiful coffin for my husband,
    He was a big man so his coffin was larger than regular sized coffins. I was charged nearly 6000.00 $$$
    for it. My husband was cremated.
    What happened to the 6000.00 $ coffin ?????

    • I would presume that it was cremated too, by the the use of the $ I am presuming you are sending this enquiry from the States. I would ask your funeral directors I am sure they would be able to inform you.

  2. The previous person was right,i watched a program about 4 weeks ago,it was all about cremations in america.The body was put into a large cardboard box which folded at all sides, then they put tape on to hold it together,when they got down to the incinerator they removed the body from the cardboard box, then slid the body into the incinerator.they showed you the body burning,removing the ashes,and how you grind the bones into a very fine dust.they then put the body dust into a sort of sack bag ,then they would label the bag for identification purposes.LOOK up cremations

  3. Horse crap! You don’t honestly believe they burn up a perfectly good coffin, do you? No. They switch the coffins and burn the body in a cardboard container. So, they recycle the coffin and charge full retail. They ARE crooks!!!!

    • Thank you for your input. You are of course entitled to your opion and I obviously can’t know practices around the world, but here in the UK the process is well regulated and professionally carried out. As for profiteering there may well be some in certain businesses, but I would think there would be easier ways to do this instead of what you suggest happens…

  4. so what you get back is mostly wood ash from rhe coffin.

    • No.The wood combusts entirely. What left is bone and non combustible materials for example metal screws from the coffin, hip replacements etc. The metal items are removed and what is returned to you is essentially bone.

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