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Scattering ashes at Bournemouth Football Club’s Vitality Stadium

Bournemouth has been one of the football league’s success stories, qualifying and managing to stay in the premiership in the face of very stiff competition. So we thought we better find out whether they permit the scattering or bury of ashes at the Vitality stadium.

Bad news I am afraid this is what they say:

We used to be able to provide this service to our supporters with a short commemoration service provided by our Chaplain bur this is now no longer possible.  Nor do we have a memorial garden.

With kind regards

General Manager
AFC Bournemouth

Vitality Stadium

A shame and it goes on the reinforce the north south divide in permitting fans to memorialise at their club.  I had half expected them to say yes as small clubs tend to be more fan-centric but there you go.

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