Burying ashes

Burying ashes in an informal setting

If you are thinking burying ashes outside of a formal burial ground such as a churchyard or cemetery. If you are looking into a more formal burial visit our page on interment of ashes.

Burying: there are no rules regarding the depth for burying ashes, advice we have obtained suggests three foot (90cm) or greater is usual– if you are burying cremation ashes choose an urn appropriate for where you are choosing to bury. We suggest that suitable to use a solid wood container if you are sure the ground will not be disturbed in the future,  a grave for example.

Should you choose to bury somewhere remote, it maybe better to opt for an urn that will biodegradable and will allow the ashes to return to the earth more quickly. You should try to ensure the burial is remote enough for it not to be stumbled upon by a dog walker or treasure hunter, or putting it another way burying the ashes with a memento in a place that is regularly used by the public could lead to it being disturbed. Here is our selection of urns for natural burial. Many natural burial grounds will allow ashes burial.

Warning : that if you choose to bury the ashes in an urn then technically the law this is same as for burying a body, as such you will need to have a exhumation order to retrieve or remove them. See our page on exhumation.

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