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Aussie Cricketer in a wonderful act of charity

I can’t say I haven’t always been that charitable towards the Australian cricket team, today I have been humbled by Steve Waugh the ex-captain of Australia for his wonderful act of kindness.

Mr Waugh is often going to and from India from his wider charity work this time he had a special reason to visit. On this occasion he went to the banks of the Ganges in Varanasi to scatter the ashes of a friend: a Sydney based shoe-shiner. The man didn’t have a family and always wanted his ashes to be scattered in the holy river.

“It was a lifetime opportunity for me and I really wanted to visit that city. It has a very spiritual feeling. To have the honour and privilege of scattering the remains of Brian (Rudd), I feel great about it. He had a very tough life and didn’t have a family. His last wish was to have ashes scattered in the Ganges. I am very glad to have done something for him and it was a celebration of his life,” said Waugh.

How nice is that! Right from now on I promise to ‘try’ and be less opinionated about this gallant troupe of fellows…

The original report was in  India Today


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