Companion Garden Memorial Sculpture Petal

Cleaning your stainless steel memorial sculpture

Cleaning your sculpture is quite simple, the beauty of stainless steel is that it is designed to be low maintenance
  • You can remove any dirt that’s built up with a damp cloth. Just wipe it and then polish the metal with a dry cloth to bring out the shine.
  • For a deeper clean, mix up a some warm water, mild washing up liquid and small amount of household bleach. Wash the sculpture all over and leave it for a minute or so without letting it fully dry as it will go streaky. Rinse it down with cold water, wipe off any excess water with a cloth and then take a dry cloth to polish it.
  • If something has got on there which is more resistant use a metal polish, we have found Autosol Metal Polish to be effective but it is up to you.

Then sit back and appreciate the beauty.


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