Hand Painted Garden Memorial Urn


Do you want to keep ashes in garden memorial? We have a wonderful option: Handpainted Garden Memorial Urn and currently we are the only UK company that stock them.

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Hand Painted Garden Memorial Urn

Our new Hand painted Garden Memorial Urn is a joy to add to our expanding range of urns that can be placed in the garden. They are handmade in porcelain by a master potter who is based in the Forest of Dean.  Each one is then hand painted with a beautiful design, we’ve shown the Poppy and the Iris designs on the photos but you can choose a flower or an inscription or both.

Available in two shapes, the urns can be made to your specification.

The urns have a contemporary floral design, but these designs can be changed to suit your requirements. You can also have a name or a message painted on the side of the urn. Simple complete the inscription box and state if you would like a different design.

They are made from David Leach Porcelain and completely frost proof and can be kept in the garden all year round.

They look stunning in a flower bed or on the patio. You can let people know what’s inside or not, it’s completely up to you they are totally discreet.

They are cylinder shaped with a height of around 32-35cm and a diameter of around 16cm

As each urn is hand made to your specification please allow around 8 -10 weeks for completion and delivery.

They have the capacity to fit a polyurn (this is supplied with your garden urn completely free of charge).

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