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Gay Rights and cremated remains

Gay right issues are at the forefront of a progressive liberal society, I think we all know that. But I didn’t think they would ever cross over with the world of ashes. Well they have. Marco Bulmer-Rizzi, a British man lost his husband in a tragic accident whilst on holiday in South Australia in January, where same-sex marriage is not […]

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Ashes transported from Australia and New Zealand to the UK – cost reduction

After successful trials we are pleased to announce that we have extended our service to offer a fixed price export / repatriation service for ashes from Australia and New Zealand to the United Kingdom.  The service is available to all funeral directors, if you are a member of the public let us know and we will […]

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What is the law concerning cremation ashes in New South Wales – Australia.

Some information on the laws regarding cremation ashes in New South Wales Who can collect the ashes? The person who lodges an application for a cremation can collect the ashes. Once the applicant picks up the ashes, they can be: Buried in a cemetery place in a columbarium or similar. Kept in an urn or […]

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Scattering ashes at the Olympics

  There just had to be an ashes story to go along with the wonderful London 2012 Olympic games and we weren’t to be disappointment a lady from Australia admitted taking the ashes of her late father – an Olympic silver medallist in the triple jump – sneaking down to the trackside and scattering them […]

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Scattering ashes database! record where you scattered

Here is something from the States – a scattering ashes database, they will be offering  free searchable database allows you to record the name, date of death and the location of where the ashes of your loved one where scattered. The good news for us this side of the Pond is that you do not […]