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Coronation Street beach scattering

Coronation Street: Sad plot line ends in beach scattering of a premature baby’s ashes

I think it is good when Soap Operas tackle really difficult and emotional challenging issues, although I do sometime wonder whether it is entirely to pull at heartstrings. However that is by-the-by, Monday night’s episode (20/2/17) of Coronation Street saw Michelle Connor and Steve MacDonald say goodbye to their baby Ruairi. In the story the couple suffered the […]

Princes ashes

Prince’s Ashes

Prince’s Ashes The musical icon Prince passed away late last month, he was found collapsed in a lift at his home. Those in the know consider there is no reason why he should have taken his own life and the most likely explanation is an accidental overdose of painkillers he was using for a back […]

david bowie ashes scattered bali

David Bowie’s ashes to be scattered in Bali

David Bowie’s Ashes David Bowie a trendsetter of the first order did away with a traditional funeral opting instead for a direct cremation (one where no one is present) and requested that his ashes be scattered on the Indonesian island of Bali “in accordance with the Buddhist rituals”. Bowie had since his teens flirted with […]

kim yong il creamtion urn

Cremation ashes cause stir at the Oscars

The comedian Sasha Baron Cohen has been up to his old tricks, dressed as his latest comedy creation, The Dictator, and accompanied by two rather attractive female bodyguards. He was interviewed holding what he claimed was the cremation urn containing the ashes of his friend Kim Jong-il – the late North Korean leader. He said […]

david beckham grandfather ashes

The Beckham’s what blog would be complete with out them

David Beckham scatters his Grandfather’s ashes at Tottenham’s White Heart lane As you may have noticed from our page on football pitches Tottenham Hotspur do not usually allow the scattering of ashes on there ground, but were prepared to make an exception for Joseph the Grandfather of the ex England captain. His grandfather was passionate about the […]

ashes in coventry

Interring ashes: In a House of Cards?

Perhaps an unnecessarily cryptic title, however Sir Ian Richardson aka Francis Urquhart in the much acclaimed television drama the House of Cards passed away four years ago, and not uncommonly his wife was undecided what to do with the cremated ashes until their son had a splendid idea – to inter him in the the […]