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The value of gruesome gold

The value of gruesome gold.. (all wording in italics is from the original author) Question: What happens to the gold teeth when a body is cremated? This was the question sent to the Citizen Times and here is the their answer My answer: In this case, it seems, you can take it with you, mainly because, […]

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What is the price of ashes?

The Mortonhall scandal in Edinburgh was dreadful, the practice where the crematoria did not return or offer to return stillborn or new-born babies ashes to the parents after cremation, with the reason that there was nothing to return, when in many instances this was untrue and very wrong. The subsequent mea culpa from the municipal […]

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The cost of cremation in the UK

We have had a look at the Cremation Society of Great Britain figures for the cost of cremation in the United Kingdom, are the headlines. Countries in the UK in order of cost: Most expensive England; Scotland; Wales with the least expensive being Northern Ireland. In England there is unsurprisingly a rough north south divide […]

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Austerity measures impacting grieving families: Scottish crematoria shutting on a Saturday and Sunday

The article below from the Perthshire Advertiser whilst seemingly local, throws up some very interesting questions around bereavement services, their cost and availability. Perth Council have decided to retain ownership of their crematoria. A move welcomed by local funeral directors on the grounds that it will keep costs down for families. However, they have chosen […]

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Funerals – the cost of it all

The cost of a funeral is a big worry for many families caught between their wish to give the correct level of reverence and affordability, it seems this is worse when people don’t leave any wishes and loved ones ere on the more expensive side. There has been a survey [dated 2010] by the National Association of […]