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missing cremation urn

Cremation Urn lost aboard the Costa Concordia

  Sandra Rodgers thought she was going on a lovely Mediterranean cruise with her daughter and granddaughters, where she had planned to scatter the ashes of her late husband Barry at Monaco. Little did she know she would end up in a “completely chaotic” rush to escape the stricken cruise ship. It sounds like an […]

cremation ashes mummy bear

Help for grieving mothers: memory bear

Ashes contained in a soft toy   Loss of a loved one at any stage of life is traumatic, for a new mother this is acute and extreme. Whilst words are good, some people find holding objects or keepsakes helps. We came across the Memory Bear to help families at this very traumatic time, the bear pictured […]

cremation urn art form

Ashes into Art exhibition

Here is an competition and exhibition in the US, sent over to me by Charles Cowling at the Good Funeral Guide, that deals exclusively with funeral urns as an art form. At first I thought now that’s a bit odd an exhibition about works of art for cremated ashes, but actually if you have a look there […]