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The Statutory Duty of English and Welsh Cremation Authorities in relation to the Disposal of Ashes

This is a direct lift from the appropriate legislation including instrument number and revoked legislation, it is actually quite clear: (c) HM Government The Cremation (England and Wales) Regulations 2008 SI No. 2841 Came into force  – 1st January 2009 PART 6 Disposal of ashes 30.—(1) Subject to paragraph (2), after a cremation the cremation authority must give […]

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The cost of cremation in the UK

We have had a look at the Cremation Society of Great Britain figures for the cost of cremation in the United Kingdom, are the headlines. Countries in the UK in order of cost: Most expensive England; Scotland; Wales with the least expensive being Northern Ireland. In England there is unsurprisingly a rough north south divide […]

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Crematoria sending memorial product brochures to grieving families – is that okay?

  This article was from the Buckingham Today website concerning the practice of crematoria ‘up-selling’ to people who have used their services. A couple received marketing literature from the crematoria operator a few days after the service for the man’s brother, they we appalled by this and told the newspaper so. They said they didn’t […]

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Austerity measures impacting grieving families: Scottish crematoria shutting on a Saturday and Sunday

The article below from the Perthshire Advertiser whilst seemingly local, throws up some very interesting questions around bereavement services, their cost and availability. Perth Council have decided to retain ownership of their crematoria. A move welcomed by local funeral directors on the grounds that it will keep costs down for families. However, they have chosen […]

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A mother fears about crematorium land being sold off

A grieving mother who lost her quadruplets, they died after a premature birth, choose to have the ashes scattered at Bretby Crematorium, she has since discovered that the site may be sold off to a private company – Midlands Co-op Mrs Morley from the town of Burton-upon-Trent in the East Midlands has spoken out about […]