ashes and cremation in cyprus

New cremation law to be introduced in the Republic of Cyprus

  The Republic of Cyprus (the southern bit) is looking to introduce some laws on cremation. Within these is all the sensible  one might expect: stuff thou shalt  remove all pacemakers along with all clothing or footwear containing rubber or PVC, earrings, bracelets, rings, glasses, and any foreign material which cannot be cremated. However, dental […]

ashes fired out of a cannon

The False Tsar who had his ashes shot out of a cannon!

  This is a great little story from northern europe from the early 17th century, during the Polish–Muscovite War (1605–1618) The incident is set in the conflict or series of conflicts that involved  the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth taking an opportunistic swipe at the Russians when the Russian Tsardom was torn into a series of civil wars. As with many civil […]

cremation ancient greece

What do these Greeks have in common…

People who commit suicide, untoothed children and persons struck by lightning? The answer: they were not allowed to be cremated. It would appear that in pre christian times cremation was the standard form of funeral and that as christianity took hold, a distinction between the old and the new must be established and  previous practises were considered […]

ashes in the post

Can you send cremation ashes in the post?

  You cannot send the whole amount of cremated human remains / cremation ashes in the post. You can however send up to 50g of ashes. The Post Office prohibits the full amount being sent either: nationally via Royal Mail and Parcelforce and internationally through Parcelforce Worldwide UK, which includes mail services: First Class, Second Class and Special Delivery […]

cremains venice

Venice – the ideal destination to scatter your ashes?

Scattering ashes over water is symbolic whether over the sea or a river. And so many people have strong connection to enchanting city of Venice – so what better place than to scatter them than over the famous lagoon. Every year there are a huge number of requests for people to be scattered at the […]