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Church of England rules on Exhumation of Ashes: what are Exceptional Circumstances

The Church of England considers the burial of ashes final. To get ashes removed from consecrated land is difficult if not impossible, you will need to demonstrate exceptional circumstances and navigate the very formal language used by the church. Set out below is what you need to know. You would need to get permission (known as […]

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Is the Church of England softening its stance on exhumation of ashes?

We feedback any reports we come across in the press on exhumation of ashes, we do this so you can start to understand the stance and precedents set by the Church of England.  We hope to help you in deciding whether your case may be considered worthy enough to meet the CoE’s stance of ‘exceptional circumstance’. Recently a lady wanted […]

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Exhumation of ashes order not granted: plea not considered to be exceptional

© Copyright Oast House Archive Previously we have reported on success stories where a family has managed to secure the approval for exhumation of ashes via the Church of England’s Consistory Court. We had pointed out exhumation orders on church consecrated land were rare. Here is a story from the news website KentOnline about a lady […]

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Exhumation of ashes – permission granted

Exhumation of ashes – permission granted Exhumation of ashes is a tricky subject; it is rare that it is granted. Here we have a story with a positive ending, the children of a man whose cremated remains were buried in Bourne Abbey churchyard in Lincolnshire have been granted permission by Church of England’s Consistory Court […]