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Natural burial site for ashes: Delliefure Strathspey in Scotland

Looking for a natural burial / interment site for ashes?  We have teamed up with a recommended natural (green) burial company that offers this service.   Delliefure’s beauty is typical of the Cairngorms National Park in Scotland. Unhurried, tranquil and private, it offers something gentler.   The site overlooks the March Pool on a bend in the River […]

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Natural burial site for ashes : Hundy Mundy Scottish Borders

Looking for woodland burial site for ashes? We have teamed up with a recommend natural burial company that offers this service. ​The tranquillity of the burial ground at Hundy Mundy is typical of the surrounding landscape of the Mellerstain Estate. Unhurried, tranquil and private, it offers something gentler.  A place of escape, away from it all. With their support and inspiration you’ll […]

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What is the price of ashes?

The Mortonhall scandal in Edinburgh was dreadful, the practice where the crematoria did not return or offer to return stillborn or new-born babies ashes to the parents after cremation, with the reason that there was nothing to return, when in many instances this was untrue and very wrong. The subsequent mea culpa from the municipal […]

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Forestry Commission Scotland policy on scattering ashes

Good news, Forestry Commission Scotland has a more progressive and enlightened view of dealing with those who wish to scatter the ashes of a loved one compared to their neighbours south of the border. Scotland’s National Forest Estate covers nearly 9% of Scotland and comprises forests, woodland and open ground.  And in their words ‘It’s […]

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Scottish Wildlife Trust Policy on cremated remains

This is there policy summary: Scottish Wildlife Trust (SWT) will not permit burials of bodies or ashes on its wildlife reserves. However, SWT is happy to consider the scattering of ashes in a sensitive manner on reserves, and in exceptional circumstances will also consider memorials. You are supposed to contact the relevant Scottish Wildlife Trust Conservation […]