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Burnley FC says no to Radio 5 presenter

  Burnley FC has number of famous supports perhaps the the most famous is Prince Charles (I was a little surprised to read this too) anyway among the faithful is Radio 5 Presenter Tony Livesey. In a discussion about the Brazilian club Corinthians offering burial plots for their fans Mr Livsey, proclaimed that he was going […]

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Bristol City Football Club Policy

Bristol City do allow ashes to be interred at the ground, they don’t allow them to be scattered.  The response from Bristol City is interesting a spokesman said: “As has been the case for many years, Football League guidelines state clubs are not allowed to have ashes scattered on the pitch due to health and […]

Scattering ashes at sports grounds – researcher needs your help

Scattering Ashes is trying to help out on research on scattering on sports grounds this is what they say: Hello, I am a Senior Lecturer at the University of Bedfordshire and my recent research interest is exploring the decision making process for scattering human ashes at sport sites. My research is a case study centers […]

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The Beckham’s what blog would be complete with out them

David Beckham scatters his Grandfather’s ashes at Tottenham’s White Heart lane As you may have noticed from our page on football pitches Tottenham Hotspur do not usually allow the scattering of ashes on there ground, but were prepared to make an exception for Joseph the Grandfather of the ex England captain. His grandfather was passionate about the […]