Two of true heroes brought together and buried side by side after 72 years

I loved this story; there is something of the schoolboy, something of the epic, and a completeness about it. This story is about the explorer Frank Wild finally having his ashes laid to rest. He accompanied the Anglo-Irish explorer Ernest Shackleton on four adventures to Antarctica as his second in commend – Shackleton described him […]

Scattered over Arnhem

Fitting farewell to an old soldier: a paratroopers ashes scattered over Arnhem in Holland.

This is a great story of paratrooper, veteran of WWII and subsequent conflicts, having his ashes scattered at the site of one of the famous locations in airborne military history. Ernest Venus passed away earlier this year and his daughter Joan Venus Evans thought it would be a fitting tribute to have his ashes parachuted […]

bridlington boat scattering ashes

Bridlington, Yorkshire : North East Coast

  Location  Bridlington, Yorkshire Area of operation  Bridlington Harbour area Type of boat  Gemini Catamaran or Cygnus Cy-Fish Duration of trip  Depends on what you want but usually about an hour Capacity of boat  12 passengers Refreshments  na Additional info  Providing the weather is favourable they can scatter ashes all year round. Suitable urn Scattering […]

Scarborough boat for scattering ashes

Scarborough: Yorkshire Coast

Location Scarborough Area of operation 20 Nautical Miles from Any Port Type of boat  10.5m Carvel Built  Duration of trip  Can be tailored to your requirements and up to 4 hours  Capacity of boat Capacity of boat 12 and plenty of seating Refreshments Can be arranged. Additional info Toilet on board. The boat is safe and comfortable. Providing […]